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Social Media Optimisation(SMO)

Do you want to use social media as a business tool? If your answer is Yes, then SMO(social media optimization) will do your work. Connecting with people and converting them into potential customers, keep updating the new product or services you recently added in your store as authentic providers, not as spam. you can also do conversation and solve their queries. So to be in touch with customers through social media will act as a catalyst to your business. People will take interest in your product when you give them a timely response to their doubts and provide useful information.

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 Webeyes Technologies


Your company can no longer afford not to take part in social media. Too many elements of business success online are now hinged on your performance on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. These sites go beyond saying hello to an old friend or posting about the latest trends. Through the use of social media channels, businesses are able to attract and engage prospective clients. At the same time, your business is able to continue to communicate your message and retain current customers.

Solution and results

with the use of social media analytics, you can regularly check the services or products you are showing to your customers drive traffic to a website, sand convert them to potential customers or not. with the information, you can change your strategies and improve your social media strategy.

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